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Magazine - A Wonderful Gesture

Magazine A Wonderful Gesture

The family-owned business that has been a constant presence on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel for 110 years continues to uphold a dying tradition: that of publishing its own magazine, on paper

There are catalogues, there are magazines and, somewhere between the two, there is the Michaud Magazine. Simple, stylish and effective, it’s now been in circulation for more than 10 years, which is more than you can say for many of the publications currently on the newsstands. So, why do we bring it up?

Pour la beauté du geste

Couverture Magazine Michaud © WorldTempus/Caitlyn Fish

First, because it exists. This might seem banal, simplistic even. But at a time when almost all our communications come in digital form, a publication that has survived for more than a decade – a “print publication” as we now have to call them, to differentiate them from the usual digital fare – is an exception. It’s also guaranteed to appeal to the sort of people who appreciate fine things, a curated aesthetic, beautiful and unique creations; in short – lovers of fine watchmaking and jewellery.

Second, because it’s created in-house. Michaud is a 100% independent family-owned business that reports to no one but itself. The idea to go ahead and publish its own content – largely photographic – is a deliberate choice, born out of the firm’s independent spirit, and its commitment to taking responsibility for how its own image is presented. The result is a collectible product that you won’t find advertised on the side of a bus or on the railway concourse. Michaud is unique; its offer is unique. Why should its magazine be any different?

Pour la beauté du geste

Magazine Michaud 2021-2022 © Michaud

Finally, because Michaud devotes equal space to text and photos. Yes, it’s Magazine Journalism 101. But no one does it any more. And let’s not forget: magazines are evergreen. They are passed around, left on coffee tables at the office, in waiting rooms and at home. And that means a magazine‘s readership is actually far greater than its circulation.

Michaud’s content includes in-house photo shoots, with original texts prepared in collaboration with partner brands. The resident watchmaker, Romain, is a regular contributor. He loves to share his work, his passion and his discoveries. Michaud Magazine provides him with the opportunities, and also the resources, which includes the time he needs to visit watch manufactures and chat with the technical team, to learn, to enrich his knowledge and expand his abilities. His customers reap the benefits.

Pour la beauté du geste

Magazine Michaud - Hublot céramique © Michaud

Michaud Magazine follows its own inclinations, which naturally lead to its most faithful partner brands, who in turn are only too happy to open their doors to their loyal long-time retail partner. Thus, a detour by Jean-François Michaud to a pearl farm leads to the discovery of jeweller and sculptor Wallace Chan, a feature on pilot’s watches, another on ceramic, and many more. These editorial digressions all help to generate curiosity, spark the imagination and nurture a passion for jewellery and watchmaking culture in the magazine’s readership.

Pour la beauté du geste

Magazine Michaud 2019-2020 © Michaud

Michaud Magazine doesn’t make any money. It takes a lot of time to produce, and it keeps 15 people busy for months. But clients like it. For over ten years, it has brought pleasure to collectors, who will often find their way to one of Michaud’s two boutiques to satisfy their curiosity. And you can’t put a price on that.