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Editorial - Behind The Scenes

Editorial Behind The Scenes

You may have noticed something different about WorldTempus recently…

It’s a common complaint in the modern era. We’re all too busy. We’re busy with work, with family and friends, with going to the gym, domestic tasks, all the thousands of little things that keep our lives on track. And of course that includes personal downtime, which thankfully we’re starting to acknowledge is not a lack of activity, but an essential activity in and of itself. Well, here at WorldTempus, we’ve been busier than a watch dealer trying to find a turquoise-dial Patek Philippe Nautilus for his biggest client. 

You might not have noticed it gradually happening over the last six months, but our content formats have been going through something of a reinvigoration, thanks to our technical editorial teams who never stop thinking of ways to bring you all the latest watch news in ways that fit with everyone’s busy lives.

A few days ago, we released our very first mobile web app, which has been available to download last Thursday. As you’ll know from Sophie’s introductory article, the WorldTempus mobile app is far more than a way to read watch articles on your phone. That would be too basic for an audience like you, our cherished WorldTempus family. 

The WorldTempus App is Here!

Vidéos © WorldTempus

There are close to half a million of you who visit us each month, making up over 2 million page views. From what our website statistics tell us about how long you guys like hanging out with us, I can only conclude that you’d love to stay longer and more often if you could — and that’s where our app comes in.

Instead of being restricted to reading our articles on a mobile screen, which I know is not really the best medium in the world for looking at paragraphs and paragraphs of text (I know I’m certainly one of the worst culprits in the team for trying to fit reams of text into a single article), you can now listen to them. That’s right, our articles are now available in audio format, which you can save for your morning/evening commute or your evening wind-down routine. 

You can take us with you into the gym — I’m no expert on fitness workouts, but I imagine that listening to us rhapsodise about beautiful mechanical creations might motivate some people to work on being beautiful physical creations. You could even take us with you into the shower, although that might be going a bit too far in your horological passions. Not even I would do that, and my life is basically 80 per cent watches.

I can’t tell you how long it took us to find exactly the right voice to bring the WorldTempus audio articles to life. There were office-wide votes, numerous proposed voice samples, multiple emails exchanged about why one voice represented us better than the others… It reminded me of all those times I listen to watch product development teams tell me why they decided on this dial colour or that exact shade of calf-leather strap. It’s really not as straightforward as you think it is. (And by the way, no real spoilers here, but the next predicted on-trend dial colour is something I’m extremely happy about.)

The WorldTempus App is Here!

Club - The Fine Watch Club © WorldTempus

Something I’ve always believed in, from the very foundations of my horological Weltanschauung, is that you should be able to curate your own watch media consumption, based on the kind of stuff you like. This is the key feature of any sophisticated consumer market, that people know what they like and value the ability to focus their intake of information. That’s why we’ve coded in a feature that lets you select which brands you want to hear more about — coupled with an exclusive opt-in feature that lets us send you an alert directly when we learn about events in your area associated with these brands.

Next week, we have more exciting news to share with you, and most importantly we’ll see the opening of Watches And Wonders 2022, the first watch salon since 2019 to take place on such a grand scale. There will be news being released every day at an overwhelming rate, and we want to be sure that in the midst of all this rush of information, you don’t miss out on what you most want to read/hear about. Hit the link or scan the QR code below to get started. Now more than ever, WorldTempus is your horological home; and you can take us with you, wherever you are.

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